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12 days of Tassie

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Off to Van Diemen’s Land tomorrow. A slice of history – the original penal colonies and heritage architecture – along with pristine beaches, rainforests, mountains, highland lakes, wildlife (hopefully a sneak peak at the fabled Tasmanian Devil) etc are expected to be the highlights of the trip. Some interesting wines, local brews, fresh produces and possibly even a trip to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory should be part of the gastronomic pleasures. Will also spend the New Years Eve in Hobart on the final day of the boat race.

(Here is a link to the GoogleMap I created showing itinerary for the trip)

So a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all stumblers, lurkers and regular readers here. It has been a rather weird year personally with the sudden change in location, jobs etc. and blogging has not been at its brightest and best either. But it was also a year when a few new friends were made – both online and off. So here’s to newer mates and looking forward to more weirdness and fun in the coming year. Cheers !


PS – The only small regret is that I will possibly miss chunks of the Boxing Day Test between India and Australia. But no worries – comments, rants and arm-chair expertise will resume from the second test.

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December 19, 2007 at 6:17 pm

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