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The Curious Familiarity of Forrest Button

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Watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which has won the highest number of Oscar nominations this year, we were stuck by the curious  feeling of actually watching Forrest Gump lite version. Not just overt similarities such as the ‘different’ dude with southern drawls, the first-sight love interest that is won-lost-won-lost-again-won, brushes with major historical events, the strong mother figure etc, but even much of  the folksey dialogues  and symbolisms had parallels.

Of course, I am not the first person to think of this similarity. Apparently, it has been quite an internet meme as you can see for yourself by checking this video (unfortunately the Youtube version of the video has been yanked by the studio for obvious reasons, and WordPress does nnot allow me to embed Flash).

Benjamin Button is not a bad film, Brad Pitt has done a wonderful job of portraying a man aging in reverse, and a it should win an Oscar at least for the make-up and/or special effects. But it is certainly not the most remarkable film of recent times.

Written by BongoP'o'ndit

January 25, 2009 at 8:05 am