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I blog…..(Bangkok airport edition)

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Watching the majestic flying machines take-off/land [1], or simply taxi along, while the sun sets in the background……all the while sipping on a Sapphire-and-tonic (no Vermouth available, hence the second choice) – and playing with a new toy and blogging (courtesy free wifi at the Royal Silk Lounge)……..goes a long way towards taking the pain off a 16-hour layoff at a not too passenger friendly airport (I have been spoiled by Singapore’s Changi)


1: Of all commercial airplanes, and that includes the Concorde and the recent A-380s, dont you agreeĀ  that the Boeing 747 ‘Jumbo’ jets are the most majestic.

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October 9, 2008 at 6:52 am

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