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Pretty Woman and Seinfeld

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With very little to do last night, I ended up watching a TV re-run of Pretty Woman. Of course, the story felt quite corny and contrived compared compared to the experience when I first watched it almost 20 years ago  [1] – although Julia Roberts’ gorgeous and breathtaking looks seemed timeless.

Anyway, watching the movie now, its really tough to imagine Jason Alexander – who plays the slimy lawyer associate of Richard Gere in the movie – as any character other than George Costanza (of Seinfeld, for  those who have been sleeping under rocks for the last two decades). Every time he made an appearance, I would unconsciously expect him to do/say something very George-like – humorous, amoral, and insecure.

But there is at least another small Seinfeld connection with Pretty Woman: in the initial scenes when Julia Roberts is starting to go out and then backtracks as she hears the landlord – the landlord, although seen very briefly, is the same actor who is cast as Kramer in the Seinfeld episodes where George and Seinfeld are making a pilot for NBC.

Also seen in a brief scene – Hank Azaria as a LA police detective.


[1]: I think it was during the extended summer break after our 10th, and my mom had initially refused to let me watch the film due to the “A” rating – finally had her convinced somehow; another friend never even managed a permission, and bunked some tuition class to watch it with us, while I covered for him. Good old, innocent days 🙂  !.

Written by BongoP'o'ndit

September 7, 2008 at 4:37 am