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A step back.

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The idea of a women-only IIT sounds absurd and retrograde.

The suggestion to start India’s first all-women IIT at Amravati near Nagpur in Vidarbha had in fact been mooted by Saint Gadgebaba University vice-chancellor Kamal Singh. Patil followed it up when she became the country’s first woman president last July.

‘A recommendatory note from the president’s office was attached to the reminder of the suggestion sent to the HRD (ministry) but we don’t know what happened after that,’ Devi Singh Shekhawat, Pratibha Patil’s husband who heads an education society in Amravati, told IANS.

‘To my knowledge, the president’s office doesn’t keep prodding government departments about individual files but if this (women IIT) is happening without that, it is certainly gratifying’, Shekhawat said.

Not surprising that it has the backing of the current President of India, who seemed to have ascended her post despite questionable ethics partly on the basis of her gender.

The reasoning behind the step: The President’s concern “about fewer girl students making it to the IITs” !

Fair enough, but is it that fewer girls go into IIT due to inherent hostility of the existent IITs towards women or a lower number of women going into engineering in general ?

As usual, a solution is being sought that is less practical and more political (note where the proposed IIT is to be situated). The tax-payer’s money could be much better spent actually encouraging more women to go into science/engineering  at  the secondary education level.

Btw, in the same article:

A global research institute on traditional Indian wisdom in science, technology and community management was among several other innovative proposals sent by the vice-chancellor to the HRD ministry and the University Grants Commission, she said.

Why not attend to the regular science and technology research first, where we seem to be falling back rapidly (via)?

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June 26, 2008 at 9:00 pm

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