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Friday Drunk Audio

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(with apologies to the Dictator, original founder of the Friday Audio meme)

Rabbi Shergill’s Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hain…).

Back-story (feel free to ignore):

Found this track via a twitter feed [1] ( h/t to whoever originally linked – some others like Nitin have mentioned it as well since then) that associated the song quite appropriately to this excellent blog post by Neo-Indian [2] .

Without being preachy, the song manages to pack a powerful punch on the face of those hollow, meaningless ‘I love India’, ‘proud of my country’ etc flag waving patriotism during January and August. Also love the way the national anthem is played on guitar riffs.

(lyrics, details, context of the song etc can be found here and links therein)

A must listen.  So do listen. And since it is Friday and remaining sober is not an option – Get Drunk. Then listen again. Then weep because the reality is so depressing and on that note get more drunk.


Speaking of drunk: an unrelated link to my new hobby – brewing.


[1] Bongo also hits himself for not noticing the release of Rabbi’s second album over a year ago, having adored the debut ‘Bulla Ki Jana’.

[2] Easily among the top two funniest on the desi blog-scene – now that gawker has stopped writing …hint, hint.

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February 12, 2010 at 5:45 pm