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Not just a President (5)

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(Too lazy to try to work the title into a sentence this time; but more absurdity from the US elections, this time involving the Democrats).

In an attempt to sway voters in the Ohio primary, Hillary Clinton attempts to potray herself in the role of an underpaid, over-worked blue-collared worker.

In her remarks in Youngstown on Tuesday night, Mrs. Clinton allied herself with Americans working on the “night shift” — a phrase that is also the title of a new advertisement that began running in Ohio on Tuesday night. The ad ends with an image of Mrs. Clinton doing paperwork, illuminated by a lamp, as a narrator says, “She’s worked the night shift, too.” (link)

(link via email from Vivek; video can be seen here)

Meanwhile, Barack Obama – yesterday’s media darling – not wishing to be left far behind in the populism race, comes out with absurd policies:

Barack Obama on Monday made an aggressive pitch at Ohio’s blue-collar workers by proposing a “Patriot Employers” plan that would lower corporate taxes for companies that did not ship jobs overseas. (link -free registration required)

Good luck on implementing it. And no word yet on tax-breaks for in-shoring companies. As someone wise commented, ‘[n]eedless to say, this is equally populist even if it is not accompanied by an ad that shows a homeless Obama with a resume in his hand, and the voice-over saying “his job was shipped overseas too”.’

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February 22, 2008 at 12:31 am