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Abhinav is da dude…

with 4 comments he wins the first ever individual gold medal – also the first gold since 1980 – for India in Olympics (in 10m Air-rifle shooting) !!!!

Who knew watching an air-rifle competition was gong to be this exciting? I was going to change channels when I noticed Abhinav Bindra’s name on the finalist list . He started the final round in the fourth position, but gradually crawled his way to the top by the end of the 7th round. His shooting was extremely consistent even as the leader Hakkinen of Finland faltered. However the lead was only¬† a slender 0.2 points at that stage. Bindra then faltered in the next two shots allowing Hakkinen to draw level at the ninth (penultimate) round – leaving me thinking this would be another story of the famous Indian choke. However, Bindra kept his nerves to shoot an amazing 10.8 (almost bulls eye) in the last round and convincingly winning the medal.

It was quite amazing to see how cool and calmly this guy carried himself after the win – unless the idea that he’s already become a national hero is yet to sink into him. At the medal podium, even as the second placed Chinese was crying and the bronze medalist Finn was waving his hand, Bindra was a picture of restraint and composure.

So once again, a big congratulation to Abhinav Bindra – you have done us proud.

Yes, there will eventually be talks of how shameful that our huge country is unable to produce more than a single gold medallist in more than 100 years of the game (about 50 if you consider post-independence), but for the moment, lets bask in the glory of having our national anthem finally being played at the medal ceremony.


PS: On an interview in NDTV, the sports minister Gill sez: I congratulate everyone including myself !

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August 11, 2008 at 1:13 am