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Saturday night blast from the past: Teen Devian

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The plan was to catch the last show of Australia, but Hugh Jackman, notwithstanding the Sydneysider’s sexiest man of the year accolade, was eventually voted down by the females in the group – in favor of Dev Anand.

This is of course Dev Anand  from way back when – when he was was actually handsome. Handsome enough for the better half and the sister to swoon a few times during the two hours odd playtime, and to be playing a veritable Casanova, the love interest of three competing females.

Not that the sole male member watching the film (from way before any of us were ever born) had much to complain.  The  not-so-sober senses had an enviable troika of beauties to feast upon: a  coquettish Nanda,  and the contemporary progressive female leads played by Kalpana, and a very young and fresh – but  equally sexy and sultry –  Simi Grewal.

Even with the scenes of female helplessness that would make the mildest feminist worth their unburnt bra cringe, not to mention the mild proselytizing about the effects of alcohol, eventually it’s the irrepressible lyrics (by Majrooh) and some of the most melodious tunes composed in history (SD), sung by two of the doyens of playback history (Kishore and Rafi) that makes the film most memorable:

(amongst others)

Not to mention scenes of Kolkata from way back when……..Chowrongee and Howrah Bridge without a crowd !!!!!!

Written by BongoP'o'ndit

December 13, 2008 at 9:20 am

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  1. I used to listen to the second and third songs frequently on AIR while studying for JEE. Since this is the first time that I am getting to see the videos, I was worried that the videos might disappoint, thankfully they are awesome! Somehow, I think, they used to make songs better in those days 🙂


    December 24, 2008 at 11:44 pm

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