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Terrorists strike in Mumbai……

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Terrible, depressing news from Mumbai early in the morning. Terrorist attacks the city, again.

But this is different from the earlier bomb attacks – this was armed men with guns and grenades attacking innocent people in various parts of south Mumbai.

Video footages on the news channels this morning were surreal, it was like a war zone in Mumbai. Signs of carnage, the Taj Hotel burning……….its just crazy …..I feel pretty shaken up.

While reports suggest that most of the terrorist have been killed, my fear is how do we know there aren’t many more out there ?

Sky News report in the morning seemed to suggest that foreigners (mainly UK And US citizens) are being targeted.

More updates here, here and here.

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November 26, 2008 at 7:22 pm

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  1. it makes u feel sad, when u see inefficiency being rewarded. had the IB and RAW chiefs along with the police chiefs of the respective states been sacked (NOT SUSPENDED), WHEN EARLIER BLASTS TOOK PLACE, WE COULD HAVE BEEN SPARED THIS PROBLEM.

    the entire media and ur community as well is shouting about one purohit (though nothing has been proved as yet), ignoring the numerous bigger issues which affect the country as a whole.

    i recommend, purohit, be hired by the govt of india as the intelligence chief for maharashtra (an army officer has no religious or political leanings) just let a shirk speak to him for a few days and givemake him understand reason (if he has done it).

    and for gods sake now look at para military reforms. it is shameful that units had to be called from pune and delhi to tackle the situation when more than 10 CRPF battalions are in and around mumbai. are they security guards – if yes then treat them like security guards.


    let us please wake up now, or it may be too late after a few years.


    November 26, 2008 at 11:18 pm

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