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FCB: A Beer Cocktail

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Beer cocktails: well yes, apparently the twain does meet occasionally to create a satisfying drink.

However, do not confuse this lot with the sugary, fizzy abominations generically known as alcopops that seem to be the rage among the kids these days. While no self-respecting drinker should be seen in public with a bottle of alcopop, a beer-cocktail may be drunk in the name of experimenting with the tastes.

And it was such a spirit of scientific curiosity that led me to try a beer-spirit combo on a  lazy  weeknight when I found my fridge stocked with a German lager (of not very good quality) and that ultimate of beers, Guinness [1]. So a Black and Tan/Half-and-Half was definitely in order. However, that would be just a beer mixture. So I decided to spiff up the drink with some (blended) scotch  thrown in (this would also go well with the Scottish idea of a ‘half and a half’ – dram and half a pint), as well as a dash of lime juice to add a bit of zing.

The results were………not too shabby: You get the mix of smooth Guinness with some burning whiskey initially. After a while, the drink mellows down and settles in between the lagery and bittery taste. Definitely recommended for the evening dinner meat and for those who find the English stout too much to handle.

Considering the origin of the alcohols added, I decided to name it The Yodeling Celtic. Two glasses of this, and you’ll be on the balcony clearing out the throat to your heart’s content.

The Yodeling Celtic

  • half pint of German lager Lowenbrau
  • half pint of Guinness
  • a shot of Scotch (any cheap blended stuff)
  • a dash of lime juice.

First pour the lager, and then very carefully pour the Guinness so to create a top layer.

The best way to achieve this is to pour slowly over an inverted spoon (you could get yourself a fancy spoon from Guinness or just use one in your kitchen that is roughly circular); you will obtain a nice bit of head this way as well. Then gradually pour the shot of whiskey on top and squeeze a bit of lime.

Drink at leisure.

Don’t ask me which way the bubble were flowing, I was too busy drinking the actual beer.


[1]:  Also, irrespective of the claims from certain sections of this blog’s readership (possibly the only section), I do certainly enjoy a good beer (the operative word being ‘good’) when in the right mood. I have even written a post on the brews available down under.


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

July 4, 2008 at 1:09 pm

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  1. for those who find the English stout too much to handle.

    You mean Irish stout 🙂


    July 11, 2008 at 5:45 am

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