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A cracker of a test……

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….but unfortunately marred by too much bad umpiring, hypocrisy on the part of the Australians and such-like. Will post my thoughts in details later, but for now, this Prem Panicker (a reporter whom I dont usually agree with) post is spot on:

Comments on the officiating, at a time when the odds are in favor of India losing, could seem—or at least, be interpreted—as whingeing. So be it—sometimes, points are worth making, with all force possible.

The officiating in this game has been among the more atrocious in living memory. The Rahul Dravid caught behind was just one more visible example of an umpire—Bucknor, to no one’s surprise—getting it horribly wrong. But there are other decisions that have gone unnoticed, that deserve to be pointed out in any review of the performance of the officials. The first relates to the catch Symonds took off Dravid at first slip—off what was clearly a no ball, with the foot a good inch over the line. Mark Benson didn’t spot that; had the catch been taken clean, that would have been another instance of commentators and such getting grist for their indignant mill, while out on the field, umpires yet again took a direct hand in the run of play.

I dont mind India losing to a team as good as the Aussies fair and square – like they did in the MCG test. Indians were abysmal in that one. But here in Sydney, they played with heart and fought tooth and nail against the best team in the world. And they deserved better.


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

January 6, 2008 at 8:13 am

Posted in Australia, Cricket

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  1. So, be it resolved that there is no level of systematic incompetance that constitutes a priori suspicion of fraud. What would obviously corrupt umpiring look like? Besides being statistically below the .05 level (compared with their other performances), no one has tried to account for the spot-on umpiring that reversed itself again on day 5. It wasn’t just staggeringly incompetant, it was systematic. Quite good when India were batting. Cricket will not entertain the thought and the Ausies are quick to capitalize on it. “Monkey”. Do adjectives matter? Would “cheeky monkey” be racist? How about “cheatin’ monkey”. That’s what Harhajan said and he is right and Roy can’t take the heat/guilt. I will never watch that crew of losers again. Sweet sixteen. Sweet piece of steaming football manager.

    So, cricket is now just a sport. No different than football. And football sux. I always thought it was a mirror of how to live life. I was wrong. I have taken my site, off the air, closed down the not-for-profit, and will now feed pirated broadcasts to users for free. Watch for the link! Screw the ICC and all the money grubbing, punting gits that have to drag everthing to the level of their superfluous existence.

    All this is caused by too many humans. Oh, yeah, we’re giving away free cigarettes too.

    John Hobbes of Surrey

    January 6, 2008 at 9:11 am

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