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Friday afternoon silliness: taking on a new role

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In spite of being stripped of the chief-consul role following our failed (jeopardized really, but all to be revealed later) coup attempt earlier, the all conquering Lord and the benign Dictator has finally seen it wise to invest in this minion the title of Chief Justice. We have even been assigned our first case (the gown and wig, we hear, are on their way).

Needless to mention, such astute decisions only serve to display the Lord’s infinite sagacity and discerning qualities. For who else than a Bong, especially given our current ascendancy in the world, can deliver carefully thought out judgment in matters so complex. The case itself involves bit of a thrust and parry between the Lord and the Dictator. Ever since the momentous trip down south (of the country), there has been trading of accusations of willful ignorance of each party towards the other’s ping, DD and such advanced modes of communication. Matters have come to head with the publication of a list and the Lord’s displeasure at the glaring omission (in spite of later clarification, the situation has not simmered down) .

So after a deep thought of two minutes, we have delivered our judgment. It is to be noted that the ruling only looks into the case of willful ignorance; the Bong is wise but knows his limits and knows not to venture into the reasons for feminine joy. In summary, both persons have been found guilty to different degrees and have been served sentences to that effect. The text of the full ruling:

The Lord’s ignorance of his subjects and minions has been well noted. Weather this is in pursuit of academic excellence (doubtful) or more basic human needs, cannot be established at this moment. Consideration can be given if the Lord can establish the latter with solid proof. Otherwise we decree that the Lord needs to either get married during his upcoming India trip or manage to lay 5 (five) different women (in the real, not virtual world – no Facebook romances). Else he shall be banished to reading only Sepia Mutiny and Ultrabrown (Manish’s stuff only) posts for the rest of his life.

Given the Lord’s stature, it is not possible either to dismiss his counter-charges against the Dictator. At the present time, the court is not able to determine the Dictator’s extra-curricular flirtatious activities. Under such circumstances, the Dictator is expected to provide gory details of happenings on Cali beaches as well as provide a rant-a-day entertainment services for all of us, failing which the court will have to let loose hordes of god-fearing, morally uptight, teetotaler suitors at her door-step.

Case dismissed !

Written by BongoP'o'ndit

December 14, 2007 at 1:24 am

Posted in Blog, Fun, Personal

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  1. Sire, we shall try to follow thy orders.


    December 14, 2007 at 11:28 am

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