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Over the past few weeks, cocktail blogging has been severely neglected. Ironically, the excuse is increased social drinking. Keeping up with the Aussies is tough, they do imbibe a lot (bars look pretty full even on weekdays and I did see someone drinking a beer at 7.30am !). Additionally, it does not help when beside Aussies, my social circle includes a few Germans and a Welshman, quite the jolly lot who are not the type to shy away from a few jugs on Friday evenings.

Anyhow, thought I’d post a quick one over a brief break in drinking – its the the White Russian, which I have mentioned before but discovered a way to make it aesthetically more pleasing to look at (and possibly tastier).

  • 1 part Vodka
  • 1 part Kahlua
  • Light Cream

Take equal volumes of vodka and Kahlua, shake till chilled and pour into a martini glass. Whip the cream a bit and carefully layer over the drink. Sprinkle chocolate powder on top and garnish with a piece of cinnamon.

A less calorific drink can be made by using skimmed milk instead of cream – and Wiki tells me its called a Kournikova (Sharapova, to make it more contemporary?) – but thats just wrong.

(Picture coming soon!)


Meanwhile, to all drinkers out there, remember: it is important to exercise restraint.

It may be the longest hangover in the history of binge beer drinking.

When a 37-year old man walked into a hospital emergency room in Glasgow, Scotland last October complaining of “wavy” vision and a non-stop headache that had lasted four weeks, doctors were at first stumped, the British journal The Lancet reported today.

The unnamed patient “had no history of head injury or loss of consciousness; his past medical record was unremarkable, and he was taking no medications,” Zia Carrim and two other physicians from Southern General Hospital said in a case report.

Body temperature and blood pressure were both normal, and a neurological exam scanned negative.

But when an eye specialist was called in, the fog began to clear, at least for the doctors.

The patient, said the ophthalmologist, had swollen optical discs, greatly enlarged blind spots and what eye doctors call “flame haemorrhages,” or bleeding nerve fibres.

At this point the doctors sought a more detailed history.

That is when the man revealed he had consumed 60 pints – roughly 35 litres – of beer in a four day period, following a domestic crisis.


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September 28, 2007 at 10:24 am

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