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A piece of advice/request in general to restaurant owners serving Indian cuisine (I have seen this too many times for it to be an isolated case) in the US and now, Australia: I don’t mind the fact that you like to employ every single person from your village/town who managed to get a visa (a possible cost-cutting measure), but please – in the name of FSM’s beer-loving hell – train your waiters in the basics of ..ummm….waiting. It does not take long to teach the staff they should (at least try to) smile a bit or carry facial expressions anything other than the inverted smiley, not barge into the person sitting down while serving water, be aware of what the meat is in the dish you are serving (to be fair this happened first time at this Brisbane restaurant) etc .

This is especially true when you the restaurant is touted as a fine-dining place.

And this is not a general advice – but happens quite regularly in the US – please don’t make every dish a variation on chicken tikka masala.

PS – On the same rant, a short note to a so-called desert bar in Brisbane’s premier entertainment district catering to the trendy-yuppy pre (or post-nightclub) crowd: Don’t serve Cognac on the rocks in a tall glass ! And when pointed out please don’t simply pour out that Cognac in a brandy snifter, while still ice-cold !!!!


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

August 24, 2007 at 9:48 am

Posted in Food, India, Rants

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