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A day late (the day for recovery, which I will tell you – and have a large number of people agreeing – needs to be declared a holiday), but here is the mandatory SuperBowl post.

The SuperBowl is supposed to be a culmination of the ‘football’ season in the US – with the two arguably best teams playing each other. However, more than the actual sporting event, it’s the marketing hype surrounding the game that’s more prominent. Why this particular game has attracted so much attention from marketers would be an interesting study. Anyhow, it provides an excuse to have the first party after the New Year, so its all good.

Like last year, here goes my bulleted post-SuperBowl The Party, The Event and the game, thoughts.

1. Starting-off with the food and drink: home-made chicken wings (best investment we have made on a kitchen appliance – a deep fryer) dipped in five different home-made sauces, thick juicy burgers, Nathan’s hot-dogs – all washed down with Warsteiner (from a min-keg) and an assortment of other beers.

2. In an attempt to be classy (ie pre-beer guzzling) – we had Bloody Mary cocktails. Now, Bloody Mary is more of a Sunday brunch than evening drink – but no one complained on the anachronism. I made it from scratch of course – using mixes available on supermarket shelves would have been a travesty (I ‘cheated’ only insofar as using bottled tomato juice, instead of making the puree fresh). With an unnatural lack of modesty, I have to declare that it rocked! The drink was hot and zesty with kick at the end to keep you buzzing for a while. Recipe shall be posted soon.   

3. The SuperBowl Ads concept is now a victim of its hype and heightened expectations. Last year was disappointing and very few from this edition stuck in the mind. As usual, Budweiser, otherwise makers of the most awful lite beers in the world, had some of the better ones. The ‘wedding conducted auction-style’ and the ‘education of immigrants’ (featuring Carlos Mendia) were the funniest – with the Blockbuster animals trying to use a mouse a close second. FeDex was plain stupid. 

4. The New York Time’s Stuart Elliot thinks, and I kid you not that all the SuperBowl commercials somehow reflected the violence of the war in Iraq ! You can’t make this stuff up.

5. Okay – we know that two black coaches were facing off in the game and it would be eventually an historical event with the first win ever by an African-American coach. But did the TV network, play-callers and ad agencies have to beat us over the head reminding it ? Prejudice will be a thing of the past only when an incident such as this happens and no one notices.  

6. Probably one of the better half-time shows in recent memory (click the link for video). Prince channeling Jimmy Hendrix on a song by Dylan – priceless. Now, there were no wardrobe-malfunctions, but errr….I wonder how many complaints the FCC received for this:


7. The game itself: figuratively and literally messy in the steady rain with many turnovers and what-not. Exciting first half though. As Chicago made the punt-return touchdown, our first thought was the Ohio St-Florida game – the Bear met the same fate as Ohio St ! But I was rooting for the Colts all along and I am happy for both Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy – they have taken enough crap for supposedly being chokers. This should shut up the pundits for a while.

Now for 8 months of deciding what to do on Sunday afternoons.


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February 6, 2007 at 6:25 am

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  1. I read the NY Times article. I also thought the author was reaching with his analogy with the Iraq war violence. But yeah, most of the commercials sucked. Many were creepy too, like the one where people fall off a cliff. I thought the game was horrible. Grossman should have been yanked at halftime. Although I was cheering for the Bears, I am happy for Manning. The amount of effort and commitment this guy puts into his game, it was time he won the big one. And Prince was magnificent. It was great to see a guitar prodigy and not some two bit dancer instead, who also moonlights as a singer. The rest of the halftime sucked as usual. Screw all the brainless loiterers with all their gaudy costumes, lets play some goddamn football instead.


    February 6, 2007 at 11:07 am

  2. Gawker: Grossman played well in the second half against the Saints – so I guess that was the reason to persist with him. I thought the Bear gave up on running game too soon.


    February 7, 2007 at 9:40 am

  3. I hate football and I dislike Prince. But after several years, I watched most of the Superbowl game last Sunday although the game was as drippy as the weather in Miami. The reason was Peyton Manning.

    P.S. Confused will jeer me for blog whoring. But this is the only full length football post I have ever written and wanted to share it with sports lovers, although it pertains to last year’s Rose Bowl. I do give periodic updates on the Houston Texans’ gruesome performance, season after season. But they did beat the Colts this time!

    Ruchira Paul

    February 7, 2007 at 11:18 pm

  4. […] 6, 2008 by BongoP’o’ndit A Super Bowl party just isn’t the same with croissants and coffee. But that is what you get with a local […]

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