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The Board of Dunces

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Not too many people will accuse the Indian cricket board, BCCI, of taking sensible actions or steps that will actually benefit Indian cricket (as opposed to benefiting the board coffers).

However, this latest comment from the Board secretary Niranjan Shah is beyond the regular inanity that one has come to expect from the clowns that govern Indian cricket. According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror, the Indian cricket team is furiously preparing for the forthcoming cricket World Cup to be held in the Carribeans in March based on the experiences gained in those island on a tour early last year. Sounds sensible enough – until it turns out that the pitches being prepared for the World Cup might not resemble the sleepy ones Indian had encountered.

There are reports that some of the venues have freshly laid pitches which are likely to help the seamers. Those that haven’t been relaid, have been worked upon under the directions of Andy Atkinson, the International Cricket Council’s pitch expert.

The Australians, as expected, are leaving no stones unturned in their attempt to seal unprecedented hat-trick of World Cup wins.

Not one to take any chances, Cricket Australia recently packed off their team’s assistant coach for a 10-day tour of the venues where the Aussies are likely to play after the first round.

Dene Hills, the man on the job, met and spoke to officials incharge, including former pacer Andy Roberts.

In response, the Indian board comes up with this gem:

“This is the Australian and American way of doing things, it is not meant for us,” said Shah. “Our team had gone not very long ago and they are well versed with the conditions. I don’t think it’ll make a big difference. The tracks will be somewhat similar to what we saw at Chennai on Saturday.”

Sigh !

(h/t: My two cents… )

Written by BongoP'o'ndit

January 29, 2007 at 7:04 pm

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  1. Ditto sigh!

    Different for the sake of being different…Australian and American way of doing things….bah! They could have easily meant the sensible and efficient way of doing things.


    January 29, 2007 at 8:36 pm

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