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Stuff that caught my attention lately.

1. Its not just Indian cities, the Irish are at it too – changing names of cities and towns to ”preserve the local language‘.

Last year, a new law meant Dingle’s official name was changed to An Daingean (pronounced "on dang-un"). On maps, local authority road signs and legal documents, it’s become An Daingean.

The change was part of the Irish government’s efforts to protect and promote the ancient Irish language. That’s not an easy task, with English the dominant tongue in so many aspects of daily life.

(btw, latest city in India to catch the name-changing bug: Bangalore, to be renamed Bengaluru from November 1st)

2. The times they are a changin’ . Now, this is how socialism really works: an university in China is making golf lesson compulsory for students to "prepare them for a business world where deals are made on the golf course".

3. If you are named ‘Robert Johnson’ and you need to fly frequently, you might consider a change of name. It is one of the many on TSA’s ‘no-fly’ list, along with ‘Gary Smith’, ‘John Williams’, ‘Saddam Hussein’, ‘Evo Morales’ (name of the Bolivian president) and even people who are dead. CBS got together 12 Robert Johnsons for a 60 minutes segment and each mentioned being detained for questioning at airport. One of them happens to be in the military. He says:

"I had my military ID and you know, I go on military bases all the time," Robert Johnson says. "So I can get on any base in the country, but I can’t fly on a plane, because I am on the No Fly List."


4. Bond to downgrade: after zipping around in Aston Martins and BMWs, in the upcoming 007 film Casino Royale, James Bond will commute in a swanky new……Ford Mondeo. Now granted it is a luxury sedan from Ford, but seriously, apart from Mustangs, I can’t really imagine any Ford models debonair enough to go with the dashing but suave character of Bond.

Also happened to catch the trailer of Casino Royale at a movie theatre recently – was much impressed by Daniel Craig. Looked to me more of the no-nonsense ‘Timothy Dalton Bond’ than the charmer ‘Roger Moore Bond’.

5. Hmmm… long before this story becomes a chain mail with an inane heading like – ‘proud to be an Indian – forward everybody’ ?

Where once the brains of India left for more lucrative pastures in the United States, today a handful of fresh American college graduates are sampling the fruits of the Indian economic boom.


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

October 19, 2006 at 3:08 pm

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