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Eight years ago, having just about landed in the USA and doing the usual rounds of the supermarkets for grocery, in between being awestruck by the overabundance of various food items and the myriad choices, two aspects intrigued me particularly: one, the fact that bottled water (and I am not simply talking about Perrier or other natural spring water) was more expensive than soda; and two, the number of aisles and the amount of shelf-space devoted to pets-related food and stuff.

Over time, I have come to observe how much pets are pampered in this country: pets-only hotels with suites, grooming spas and what not. Now don’t get me wrong here; I have nothing against pets and pet-owners. Although I personally don’t see myself having one (when I was really young, I would occasionally fancy myself owning a dog, an idea that used to be regularly and judiciously shot down by my parents), they do provide companionship to their owners and its only humane to provide them with nourishing food and healthy environments. 

As for bottled water, its again a matter of personal lifestyle choice and your perceptions of healthiness and taste (the healthiness aspect at least, is controversial).

However, don’t you feel that branded "premium bottled water" that are "enhanced with nutrients specifically formulated" and comes in "sophisticated flavors to keep even the most discriminating pet properly hydrated" is going a bit too far ?

This is no Onion, but an actual company marketing a product line of bottled water designed for pets (cats and dogs for the time being, you have to wait if you keep a rattlesnake or a pet baby alligator). (via)

Go figure.

Btw, do cats and dogs really like their water to come in a meaty flavor ?

For Dogs: Original (Unflavored) – Beef Tenderloin – Bacon Delight – Roasted Turkey – Roasted Chicken
For Cats: Original (Unflavored) – Roasted Turkey – Roasted Chicken – Beef Tenderloin

And why, pray tell me, are cats deprived from the ‘Bacon Delight’ flavor ?

Written by BongoP'o'ndit

September 8, 2006 at 7:58 am

Posted in Food, Fun, LOL, Personal

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  1. […] a fan of pets personally, but the pet-industry is huge in the US (see an earlier post on bottled water for pets) – so I can see a good market for this in the urban areas. Still, shared pets sound a bit weird. […]

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