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I tend to think of Recurring Decimals….. as that sleepy little town/village with a railway station consisting of a solitary building, a few benches, the single squealing hand-cranked tube-well pump and an enormous banyan tree. On first glance, one among many ubiquitous stops dotting the hinterlands, where express trains whiz through without an after-thought. Few passenger trains make a reluctant stop, their engines grinding to halt with a deep sigh. Some curious passengers, perhaps woken from their slumber by the lack of rocking motion or glancing up from their magazines, look out through the window and consider the limited activities of the soulful resident cow.

Still, the station-master maintains his domain scrupulously, hoping someday this sedentary stop will become a bustling junction.

 There are the odd visitors. There is this one point of interest in the town – perhaps an old temple – a crumbling structure with vines growing on the sides – some eons ago, the deity was responsible for curing an incurable disease. Some people hear about it, and visit. Few others are more regular – they simply love the atmosphere of the place. The occasional visitor even sits down for some tea with the station-master.

Every once in a while though, something happens in the town that attracts attention and way more visitors than usual stop by. Most simply drop in – satisfy a curiosity and move on. Some explore and decide to be regulars. Some obviously don’t like what they see…..and vehemently express their anger.

Before I get too carried away by the metaphor – here are some random thoughts and links to stuff that caught my eye over the last week.

* To start off – over at the Guardian blog, Comment is Free, Andrew Brown examines why internet users are so rude to each other in chat rooms, message boards, blog-comments etc (via). Pretty relevant considering the verbal jousting with one of the commenter in the previous post. I used to think that anonymity was the principal reason for the behavior of these people, but the article (and the ensuing comments) discusses various possibilities.

* Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest – A thoroughly entertaining way to spend two and a half hours (especially when temperature outside has soared to 100F). Great action (I specially loved the three-way fight on a giant wheel), wonderful special effects – punctuated timely by witty humor. Keira Knightley looks like a million dollars. The best part of Pirates part one was  Johnny Depp’s channeling of Keith Richards in his role as the suave pirate, Capt Jack Sparrow. He is a little more subdued in the sequel – but enjoyable nevertheless.

Btw, Keith Richards is scheduled to make a cameo appearance in the concluding part of the trilogy, as Jack Sparrow’s father. 

* Scene at the local desi restaurant as ten of us arrive for a lunch buffet. Previously, on the phone we have been assured that there is more than enough room to accommodate everyone and reservations would be unnecessary. Turns out – they were either rather immodest about their seating capacity or overly modest about their Friday afternoon lunch crowd. Anyway, we are prepared to wait. One desi dude comes and tells us – ‘we have a table ready for eight people’. ‘But we are ten‘ I point out, politely. I can see he is disappointed. He throws an anguished look at me like trying to say ‘look – can’t you just ditch the two most unpopular guys and seat them at a different table ?!’. I consider this for a brief moment. But I have an inferiority complex – maybe they will make me sit out. So I insist – ‘ten people – we will wait till a table opens up’. The dude disappears, grumbling. After a couple of minutes, desi guy at the counter states rather wistfully – as if talking to the air – you know we do have a table ready for seven people. Given that they have rectangular tables, I dunno how he got the figure seven – but man, we already told you – we can wait. Why the insistence on separating the group ?

* This Slashdot link rather promisingly states that researchers at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) have  found a vaccine against the dreaded bird-flu disease. But, if you read the actual story carefully (and the comments section), ICAR has developed only an indigenous version and mostly likely one for birds only.

* The space-shuttle Discovery made its way to and back from the Space Station, safely. Kudos to NASA and the astronauts.

* Slightly old news – but a study is linking the effects of air-conditioning to obesity. Anything to shift the blame from people’s irresponsible eating habits !

* A list of common ‘errors’ in the English language – that are not actually errors !! (via)

* And finally: the big news around the Indian blogosphere – are certain ISPs in India blocking blogspot and typepad addresses, possibly at the behest of the government ? Follow the story here.

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Written by BongoP'o'ndit

July 17, 2006 at 7:52 am

5 Responses

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  1. Glad you came out of the angry-talk mode! Reading though the comments on your earlier blog, (although, I must admit, quite a spicy interaction that was!) I began wondering when it was that my pea sized brain drained from the vast brain(cess)pool of India. Lucky me, maybe I just did not belong there, having no brains of my own anyway 😉

    Loved your imagery here. But you forgot to mention the omlette\vadapav\chai valla on the station..or is there a vacancy ;)?


    July 17, 2006 at 3:00 pm

  2. heh!

    So, we just love to talk to the station master. 🙂

    But our promised Roshagollas are still awaited.

    Lovely imagery here.


    July 17, 2006 at 4:49 pm

  3. @ Arundhati: Actually I wasn’t really angry in the previous post…..just peeved a bit.

    Yeah there should be a shack in there at the end of the platform – that’s where the tea and omlette comes from….

    @ Confused: Thanks. I have to figure out how to fit in Rosgullas within the context of the metaphor !


    July 17, 2006 at 5:11 pm

  4. Now that we’re all nice and locomotively inclined, consider that the visitor’s anger could have been caused by the residents’ smugness. They think they’re being reasonable and bourgeois, but they’re actually being outrageous — and it takes an outsider to realise that, because everyone in Dullsville is so inbred that they’ve lost an idea of what the real world is like.
    Sometimes, the train blows up and though it’s mainly full of men (and the hospitals report only 12 women among the list of dead), the citizens of Dullsville are so gorged are they on rossogollas, they think it’s outrageous to point out the reason for this. They’ve forgotten that trains are sometimes so crowded, it’s easier for women to sit in their own carriages. So they make rude remarks about the people who remind them that women sit seperately because they don’t want to be pawed by the men, and they call them morons. But the people who have to ride those trains aren’t angry; they know that that’s just the way the world is. Still, the passengers are peeved that the citizens of Dullsville refuse to recognise that the trains aren’t the most comfortable place, either for men or women, and are shouting hoarse because, years ago, when they actually had the courage to ride those trains, they remember that things were different.
    The Dullvillians forget that they’re doing all their shouting in full view of the trains that stop at their town, so their ire is bound to draw some attention and someone is very likely to stick their head out of the window to tell them to behave — and then step out of the train to try to sort out the mess.
    OK, getting back on the train now. But if there’s anymore craziness, there’s a chance I’ll be on another passing train.
    A bientot,

    desh drohi

    July 18, 2006 at 8:16 am

  5. So they make rude remarks about the people who remind them

    @DD: go back and read my article and point out how exactly I was being rude to the writer of the original article. I was questioning her motives. Yes a particular commenter did use rude words against the writer and I disagreed with it. Also, I really have no control over the bad manners of commenters (cough).

    Now, read your comments in that post…….

    Btw, nice extension of the imagery 😉 Appreciate the effort !


    July 18, 2006 at 8:41 am

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