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First upset ?

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Can the islands renowned (at least to us Indians) more for cricketing giant Brian Lara than any soccer prowess pull-off what Cameroon did in 1990 or Sengal in 2002 – the first upset of this World Cup ? I am watching the Trinidad and Tobago v/s Sweden game and so far they have held off the Swedes – even while playing with 10 men for most of the second half (~33 minutes as of now). As the Swedes tire, they are even starting to make a few offensive forays.

UPDATE: They did it!! Not quite the same giant killing achieved by Cameroon and Senegal since the latter two defeated the then defending champions. Also, Sweden, while consistent, are no football powerhouses like Argentina or France. Still, good job by this tiny nation.

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Written by BongoP'o'ndit

June 10, 2006 at 9:40 am

Posted in Soccer, World Cup

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  1. Live coverage!

    Wows, I watched the match. The second half was a good one.


    June 10, 2006 at 2:45 pm

  2. Not quite live coverage – but I am trying !

    Yep the game was much more exciting than the Eng-Paraguay earlier in the morning. There are usually some such ‘sleeper’ games in World Cup.

    Looking forward to Ivory Coast- Argentina. Should be good.


    June 10, 2006 at 2:52 pm

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