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Someone please let England know that (test) cricket is currently played by ten countries (at least officially) and is not just an elaborate love-fest with blokes from their former penal colony.

Reading Jonathan Agnew’s column on BBC, a day after Muralitharan turned (pun intended) the game in a few overs, you get the feeling that England considered their series with Sri Lanka nothing more than a dress rehearsal for clashes with the Aussies later this year at best,, or at worst, a minor inconvenience for fulfilling their obligations to ICC. The whole column is about how the team has changed since last summer’s Ashes and what they need to be successful in the next Ashes series down under. Mind you, they have a home series coming up against Pakistan followed by the ICC Champions trophy before the Ashes. Not a peep about how Sri Lanka came back from one down in the series, or about Murli’s spell.

I am not denying the significance of the Ashes – especially after the remarkable series played out last year. But, after that famous series victory, the English side was beginning to boast about being the champion test cricket side. Since then, reverses at Pakistan and this drawn out home series against a #6 ranked side have put a dent to such claims. Ultimately, England have to realize that performance against all teams matter in order to be considered the best – this is not boxing where knocking out the current champion gives you the crown.

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Written by BongoP'o'ndit

June 6, 2006 at 7:52 am

Posted in Cricket, Rants

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