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…that I just made up: when you don’t have anything substantial to blog about or not enough time – just link. (Actually, there might be a modicum of thruth in this). Here are some intersting (to me) stuff I have been following.

Forrest Gump covered the breath of US by running – several times over. This man walked the breath just once but lost 100 pounds in the process. Beats eating Subway sandwiches all day I guess.1

For the past two to three weeks, the US news media has been blasting us with gasoline price news stories. For pure unintended hilarity, the local news are the best (better than even The Daily Show). In their best imitation of the ‘doomsday is near’ scenario, the reports keep talking about how everybody is gravely concerned with the rising prices. The sections that particualrly crack me up are when they ask a guy filling up his Humvee how he’s been affected by gas prices. Oh the irony!. Rising gas prices have of course made all Americans vow to drive sparingly, carpool regulalrly, limit highway speeds to 55 milesperhour and sell their gass guzzling SUVs to buy Prius en masse (ok I made all that up). But apparently all it takes to reduce gas prices is a loveletter.

Turns out, as details are emerging, that the letter is not exactly dripping with sweetness and honey. Ahmadinejad is not receiving an invitation to Crawford anytime soon.

Gasoline prices takes us to political populism. With an eye firmly on the elections coming up later this year, some Republican Senators wanted to introduce an inane bill that would provide all tax-payers with a $100 check, as relief for gas prices. Lets see – for the Humvee guy – that equals about a quarter tank of gas ? Meanwhile in India, where such popular measures have included in the past, free rice, free electricity, free condoms etc, things are going hi-tech in keeping with modern times. Jayalalitha, the grandmom of electoral tomfooleries, is now offering free computers. (link via India Uncut)

This is old news, but $100 and computers reminded me that some geeky techs at MIT are trying to produce a computer worth just that. Me – I regualrly scan

Amardeep Singh points out an excellent article and writes an engaging post on early Bengali sci-fi literature. From the comments section, I further discovered this superb post by Dipanjan, on the childhood pursuit of Bengali lietrature – especially Satyajit Ray’s Feluda. Having grown up with the veritable treasure trove of Bengali children’s literature, all this was quite nostalgia inducing.

Finally, a detailed demythification of the urban legends surrounding the ‘astronaut’-pen. Seinfeld fans should remember it from The Pen episode.


1. Maybe Subway and the state tourism boards can come together and do a joint promotion with these two guys.

2. For the records, I am not trying to be critical of the $100 project – I think its a good aim. Just exhibiting my utter lack of wit.

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May 9, 2006 at 7:06 am

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  1. Ah! More power to your ”nothing to blog about days”. Some interesting links these.

    Thankfully that 100 buck thing died. That was truly Jayasque in stupidity. I cant even believe that the Republican cabal even thought of the idea. I mean, no one has ever accused like of Bill Frist of being intelligent, but even Bush could not have come up with a more stupid idea!

    Ahmadinjad! I hope if ever comes to US, he will always kiss Bush and walk hand in hand with him, that will be some fun! Remember all those late night jokes when the Saudi Prince was here.

    Meanwhile, in amor Bongla, it seems the Commies will be back to power with even bigger majority.

    I say, no more elections in Bengal for next 10 years, from the resultant savings, send everyone a 100 buck check!


    May 9, 2006 at 8:56 am

  2. Glad you liked my post. Your post on Calcutta quizzing returned the favor, with some interest. I was in JU (B.E. Computer Sc) between 91 and 95. It seems we have a lot of overlapping memories and a shared love for Parnab. πŸ™‚ I never quite belonged to the incestuous JU quizzing group, but did take part in a lot of college and open quizzes as an outsider in randomly assorted teams. My favorite quizzing memory goes back to high school when our team defeated a DBPC team led by Parnab-in-shorts in a sports quiz. Incidentally, I found GreatBong’s blog by googling Parnab.


    May 9, 2006 at 2:04 pm

  3. @ Confused: Unfortunately, I don’t see much an alternative in Bengal – but then I have been out of India for about 8 years and out of Bengal for more than 10 – so I really can’t comment how much the CPM has changed and such. Great BOng’s latest posts and the comments therein are interesting.

    @Dipanjan: Thanks for visiting and happy that you liked the quizzing post. We may have crossed paths at DU or other college fests – I used to go to DU regularly till about ’93. after that, never made the trips from KGP to Cal for quizzing as frequently as I would have liked. Don’t even get me started on Parnab πŸ™‚ ….


    May 10, 2006 at 7:59 am

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