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In which I talk about books,DVDs, CDs etc that I cherish – some I wish I had and some of the prized stuff that I already have.

Books, films (and to some extent music) are the passions of my life. Libraries, second-hand book stores, borrowing from friends, TV channels, Blockbuster, Netflix etc have been the usual sources to satiate my cravings for the written and visual materials. Gradually, I have also built a not too shabby collection of books and DVDs/VCDs/tapes/CDs. However, till recently, I have never been able to afford complete collections of any author/director/musician. As they say, by gods grace, my financial situation over the last year or so has enabled me to start owning such collections.

Let’s see if I can make you jealous by listing some of the most cherised stuff I purchased/was gifted recently (not in any particular order):

1. Seinfeld Seasons 1-6:

The show that is famously about nothing and the best sitcom ever. Period. Through syndicated re-runs on various channels (in the US, it is possible to catch about 3-4 continuous hours of Seinfeld in the evening by proper channel flipping), I have watched some of the episodes five, six and even ten times ! They haven’t tired me still. There are so many situations in real life where a phrase or a quote from the show can be invoked or a parallel found with one of the episodes. With these DVDs, I can watch them whenever I want with all the yada yadas.

2. There completeCalvin and Hobbes collector’s edition:

Sits very nicely on my bookshelf right next to the complete Far Side collection.

3. All the comics in Herge’s ‘Adventures of Tintin’series:

Desired this ever since I was a wee-bit kid – could afford it only recently. Almost there – missing from the collection: Tintin in America, The Black Island and The Shooting Star.

4. Complete works of Satyajit Ray (films)

Nearly there with a combination of VCDs and VHS. Still missing: Abhijaan, Chiriyakhana, Jana Aranya, Aranyer Din Ratri, Sadgati and all the documentaries. Anyone reading this – desperate plea: if you know how to get hold of the documentaries, please let me know.

5. Complete works of Satyajit Ray (books): For this, I have to sit down and figure out what all are missing. But I think I am there. Problem is that my dear little sister has laid claim to all the boooks I had back in India !

Wishes to be fulfilled (Note: I will also accept cash in lieu :-))

* Complete collection of PG Wodehouse – I own a few of his books – most notably the Wodehouse Omnibus. Most of my Wodehouse reading has been through borrow, beg and beg some more. But here again, I have to sit down and make a list.

* The complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus DVD set. This will be purchased sooner rather than later.

Also, except for The Holy Grail, I have all their films.

*The complete collection Hitchcock filmss – at least the majority of the sound movies.

* Several Audrey Hepburn collections such as this one (she is my all-time favorite actor):

* The complete Charlie Chaplin collection.

* Complete collection of Akira Kurosawa films

* The complete Asterix series.

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Written by BongoP'o'ndit

April 14, 2006 at 2:20 pm

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