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After several months of selectorial shenanigans over Sourav Ganguly, it is perhaps good in a way that a ‘policy’ has been laid down:

Sourav Ganguly will not be recalled into the Indian team as long as the present selection committee is in office, Kiran More, the chairman of the five-man committee, told Cricinfo in an interview last evening.

Following Ganguly’s exclusion from the first Test, More had made a statement that “there is no looking back on this issue now”, which had been varyingly interpreted by the media. More clarified to Cricinfo that the reference then, and now, was to the tenure of the current selection committee, rather than just the present series against England.

“We took a decision that we have to look ahead,” he said. “We decided that so much has been said on this issue, that we wanted to send a message across that, `this is what we are looking at, and as far as this committee is concerned, this is what we have decided, that we will not look back at all.” More further spelt out that the committee was “definitely looking beyond” Ganguly even if he were to perform well in domestic cricket.

(From Cricinfo)

Hmm…and here I was naively thinking that performance was actually a factor for selection to the Indian cricket team. But apparently the selectors can categorically deny entry to a player if that person does not fit within their viewpoint. I am not arguing that Ganguly should be in the present Indian team; given the way the team is playing there is very little realistic chances of him getting in. However, to ‘close the door’ on a player without proper cricketing reasons smacks of politicking of the worst kind. And save me the looking to the future/youth crap.


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March 6, 2006 at 10:12 am

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  1. […] I did believe that he was hanging on the team by a thin thread. But the manner of his exclusion and some of the public comments by the then selection committee really put me off. Thirdly, it could party be due to the fact that a few major things are happening in my life (watch […]

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