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The nuclear deal might still be in balance, but perhaps far more important to me and my taste buds is the deal that could allow Indian mangoes to finally make their way into US supermarkets. No longer will I be deprived from the gastronomic pleasures of my favorite fruit – the mouth waters in anticipation of Dusseris, Langras, Himsagars and such delights.

[Update on March 3rd: So the real deal was made and seems like its not just me but even the POTUS referred to them mangoes in a press briefing :

“The US is looking forward to eating Indian mangoes,” said Bush as a smiling Prime Minister Manmohan Singh nodded in approval.

One hopes that he will not choke while gobbling down a juicy Alfonso. This statement btw has provided a juicy soundbite (and bad puns galore) for the press, Lou Dobbs in particular. (via Sanjay and Desipundit) ]

Staying on the tasteful theme, India seems to be the flavor of the month – with Charlie Rose interviewing Manmohan Singh Monday night, followed by interviews with a bevy of Indian journalists and industrialists. Newsweek also rolled out an entire India-centric issue to coincide with Bush’s visit starting today. As usual, Fareed Zakaria nails it with his brilliant analysis of India’s recent economic progress, problems and furture. As they say, tis worth reading in whole, but here’s a bit to get you excited:

India’s growth is messy, chaotic and largely unplanned. It is not top-down but bottom-up. It is happening not because of the government, but largely despite it. India does not have Beijing and Shanghai’s gleaming infrastructure, and it does not have a government that rolls out the red carpet for foreign investment—no government in democratic India would have those kinds of powers anyway. But it has vast and growing numbers of entrepreneurs who want to make money. And somehow they find a way to do it, overcoming the obstacles, bypassing the bureaucracy. “The government sleeps at night and the economy grows,” says Gurcharan Das, former CEO of Procter Gamble in India.


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

March 1, 2006 at 11:03 am

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