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Several long posts are piling up as drafts, but I am really busy tying up some loose ends before I land up at Salt Lake City for a conference starting this weekend. Therefore more random thoughts as fillers. Read on if you must.

Sports Illustrated is out with their annual eye-candy, the swimsuit edition. Yessir – welcome to the dichotomy that is America. The same magazine that just in its previous issue was featuring 200lb+ burly, sweaty men banging against each other in gladiator-esque duels, now has an entire edition showing anorexic supermodels wearing (or sometimes going without) swimsuits in some exotic location. I have always been baffled by this intrusion of glamour into a magazine thats supposed to be related to sports. And before you jump on me, I perfectly understand the financial and marketing reasons for this. And not that I am complaining, but I guess I am old fashioned in thinking that a sports magazine should feature – well um, just sports related stories. This year Maria Sharapova makes an appearance – so I guess there is some connection. (Turns out they previously featured Anna Kournikova, the Williams sisters, Jenny Finch and other such sports personalities thereby proving their connection to sports)

The Oscar nominations were announced some weeks ago. Yawn ! Haven’t seen most of the films in the nominations list. Not terribly excited about any of them. I have the Crash DVD at home. Everyone is raving, so will watch it sometime soon. Also ‘Good night and Good luck‘ might be worth it as well.

I saw an ad for bathroom tissue paper last night where a little girl could not go to sleep because she needs something soft to cuddle up against. Her cute trusted dog (who thinks out loud so that you can hear it), pushes a roll of bathroom tissue against her that helps her sleep ! Was I the only one who found this image disturbing? Get her a freakin’ TEDDY BEAR before she gets mentally scarred for life.

The moment I read the news article about Dick Cheney shooting his fellow hunter, my first though was this is the late night stand-ups/talk show host’s wet dream come true. And as expected, they have been going at it. Particularly Jon Stewart on his Daily Show. I loved this small bit:

Jon Stewart: “I’m joined now by our own vice-presidential firearms mishap analyst, Rob Corddry.

Corddry did a great job filling in for Jon last Thursday on the show.

The Guardian has an excellent story on Cricinfo – the usual one stop shop for all cricket related news and information. Although I do not completely agree with comments from their editorial guys, they do a heck of a job covering cricket from all parts of the globe. And Statsguru is just amazing. I remember using Cricinfo ever since the dark ages, before the days of Netscape and IE, when browsing was through Lynx, Gopher or some such text-based browser.

Next post could potentially be from the cold climes of Salt Lake City. I am hoping to get admitted as a member of a ‘Private Club’ out there !


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

February 16, 2006 at 10:28 am

Posted in Cricket, General, Rants, TV

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