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As Rahul has posted on his blog, there are a couple of more trailers of the upcoming H2G2 movie on the net here and here. Check all the related links from the movie’s main web-site, especially this inteview with the filmmakers. Apparently, they are already planning a lot of DVD extras and have a big suprise in the form of the planet factory.
I wonder if the studio will be selling H2G2 merchandise as the movie releases ? I guess they might try to use its cult status and hype it enough to bring in new fans like in LOTR. Possible merchandizing items – towels, copies of bad Vogon poetry ?On a somewhat related note – Monty Python (or the remaining members of Monty Python) are coming out (okay Eric Idle is the only original Python associated with this project – others just gave their blessings) with a Boradway musical based on their movie The Holy Grail, called ‘Spamalot‘. Among the merchandize they are planning to sell are coconut halve shells (not carried by either African or European sparrows) ! Those who have not seen the movie would not appreciate this – so my advice to them while waiting for H2G2 to be realeased is to go out and get (or order on Netflix) the Holy Grail DVD.

You can also listen to the coverage of ‘Spamalot’ by NPR on All Things Considered here (some of the new songs incorporated in Spamalot can be heard).


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March 10, 2005 at 6:18 pm

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