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More knee-jerk reactions about India’s defeat

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I wonder who gives these imbeciles the job to write in a national newspaper? Do they even understand anything about sports or even about the practical matters in life? Can’t believe how low the standards of TOI have fallen.Sure the Indian team played badly – but sacking half the team and the coach in the middle of a series does not get problems solved. If we followed this moron’s advice last time Australia visited India – the whole team would have been sacked after the first test and we would have never had the amazing comeback.

According to this insightfull article, Chopra’s loss of form is due to Ganguly’s comment about wanting Yuvi as the opener along with Sehwag. Firstly, I think too much is being made out that one comment made a long time ago. Secondly, shouldn’t Chopra, now been given a chance by Tendulkar’s absence (assuming that Ganguly would have gone for Yuvi in place of Chopra if T’kar was playing), grab it, play some good knocks and make sure that he is indispensible for the team? Besides he seems to have been unlucky in at least one of the innings.

However, of all the inane comments in the article – this one takes the cake –

“Loyalty is commendable, but there is too little thick and too much thin now.”


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

October 12, 2004 at 11:19 am

Posted in Cricket, Rants

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