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….yep I am pretty good at it. Blog was created about a month ago and I am finally finding time for the first (second) post.

Anyway, still busy with writing my thesis.

Meanwhile India lost the first test against Australia by 217 runs. The margin could have much smaller without some horrendous umpiring decisions. I dont want to sound too whining but lets face it, Steve Bucknor is long past his use-by date – this is not the first time he has made mistakes. Billy ‘crooked finger’ Bowden on the hand seems to consider himself a star in his own right. Someone needs to remind him – no matter how funny his gestures are on the field, people come actually come to watch the Tendulkar cover drive or the Warne googly. He needs to concentrate on getting his on-field decisions correct rather crusading against the use of technology in umpiring.
Interestingly, this is the same umpiring team that more or less denied the Indian team a chance at history earlier this year in Australia.


Written by BongoP'o'ndit

October 10, 2004 at 6:42 pm

Posted in Cricket, Life, Rants

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